New LG V30 Rumored to Launch at MWC 2018 with LG Lens Technology

New LG V30 Rumored to Launch at MWC 2018 with LG Lens

The latest rumor is that LG is getting ready to launch a newer version of their smartphone, the LG V30.

The hardware specifications of the device will remain the same but they are about to launch a new model which supports LG Lens during the Mobile World Congress 2018.

The upcoming MWC 2018 event is going to be an interesting one of them all as the world of smartphones come to an end and it direly needs some innovation. Samsung is focusing on introducing foldable smartphones which will sport large 7-inch displays and very compact at just 3.5-inches when folded. LG V30 is a unique take on this as the company decided to put in dual DAC setup for hardcore music lovers.

New LG V30 Rumored to Launch at MWC 2018 with LG Lens Technology

When companies like Apple and Samsung have just removed the 3.5mm audio jack from their phones, LG believes that phones are still being used as a media device and people expect it to work as good as any audio player. The addition of dual DAC and the bundled branded headphones sweetens the deal. If you haven’t purchased the phone yet and waiting for a big price drop, it might happen in a couple of weeks once another version of the V30 hits the market.

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The rumored LG V30 smartphone will have the same hardware specifications as the 2017 model. By any chance, if LG decides to make some changes, they might swap the flagship Qualcomm Snapdragon processor from 2018 and will introduce LG Lens in it allowing users to actually just take photographs to gain information about anything they see. The technology is catching up and soon it will be found on all flagship models making it easier for frequent travelers, food connoisseurs and anyone else who doesn’t like to use voice search or text search methods.

LG V30 Rumored to Launch at MWC 2018 with LG Lens Technology

The upcoming model is expected to be known as LG V30+ or the LG V30s and will be pack in a massive storage space of 256GB. The size is pretty much on par with any hard disk that one would use in a MacBook or any desktop PC for that matter. A possible Snapdragon 845, when combined with the LG Lens, could actually help the company sell more of their smartphones without having to actually launch a new one. The technology is similar to Samsung’s Bixby vision and the device is expected to be priced at $918 bringing it close to the Apple iPhone X.

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