2017 BMW 5 Series to Offer ‘Remote 3D View’ technology

2017 BMW 5 Series

BMW have unveiled a teaser showcasing the upcoming BMW 5 series with the ‘Remote 3D View’ technology.

Without going into any details about the design of the vehicle, BMW claim that this ‘Remote 3D View’ technology will help owners stay in touch with their vehicle at all times. They will be able to view the current status of the vehicle using a smartphone app. This is likely to be one of the several high-tech features available on the 2017 BMW 5 series, which will be internally codenamed G30. It will succeed the highly successful F30 starting from the New Year.

The vehicle is expected to be officially unveiled in the next few months. It will not be available until the start of next year. The2017 BMW 5 series is expected to borrow a number of features from the higher end 7 series sedan. This would include the ability to self-park in the owner’s garage, but BMW have confirmed that the 5 series will be the first model to receive the ‘Remote 3D View’ technology. Surround cameras throughout the vehicle will be able to convey information about the surroundings upon request.

BMW 5 Series 2017

The 2017 BMW 5 series is not expected to be a game changer in terms of powertrain and transmission. As with the 7 series sedan, the new generation is very much expected to carry over the current range of engine options with only a few tweaks. The plug-in hybrid version, though, is expected to offer extremely low carbon emissions while also taking a lot of technology from the ‘I’ series. It is rumored that the BMW Active Hybrid 5 model is capable of delivering more than 50 mpg even in real-world conditions.

BMW has been caught testing the 2017 BMW 5 series in recent weeks without much camouflage. The fact that they have come out with a teaser video even before the launch shows the importance of this vehicle in the global sales for the company. It is possible that BMW may bring the 1.5-litre three-cylinder engines seen in the recent BMW i8. The company seems to be heavily focusing on engines that emit less than 100 g of carbon dioxide per kilometer. This will make the vehicles cheaper to buy and own in markets like the United States and United Kingdom.

The 2017 BMW 5 series will of course include the M5, which may have the same 4.4-litre V8 offering a little more power than the current generation.

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