2017 Samsung Galaxy A3, Galaxy A5, and Galaxy A7 Confirmed

Galaxy A5, Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A7

Samsung’s Galaxy A5 was introduced in 2014 as a second-in-command handset next to the flagship Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series.

Surprisingly, the handsets in the A series, which include the Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A7 have gained some huge traction across the globe thanks to their sleek designs, great specs combination, and mid-range pricing and as a result, Samsung has been busy rolling out upgraded versions of these handsets.

Just this week, a new handset that is purported to be an unknown version of the Galaxy A5 showed up on various benchmarking sites. Even before the details of this phone become clear enough, two more handsets believed to be the Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A7 have also been seen. If you have been a keen follower of the Galaxy A series, you must have noticed that the Galaxy A5 is always escorted by the Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A7. Apparently, this is set to happen once again.

According to a new report that has just surfaced, the South Korean tech giant is working on releasing three handsets in the shape of Samsung Galaxy A3, Galaxy A5, and Galaxy A7. If the reports are true, the handsets will come with model numbers SM-A320F for the A3, SM-A520F for the A5 and SM-A720F for the A7.

Galaxy A5, Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A7

In the recent leaks about the new Galaxy A5, the phone will reportedly come in with improvements in terms of processing power, RAM capacity, battery life, storage size as well as other features. The same story is also expected when the two Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A7 are unveiled, but at the moment, nothing has bene put forward regarding the expected specs of the two handsets.

Samsung is already done with rolling out the 2016 versions of the Galaxy A3, Galaxy A5, and Galaxy A7. With these new models, they are expected to take care of the year 2017, but the specific release or even launch date is still unknown. Whether or not the company will take a similar direction as it did with the 2016 models of the Galaxy A series by announcing the 2017 models towards the end of this year is still unknown. However, this early appearance of the handsets could imply this scenario could repeat itself.

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