6 Great Features Everyone Will Love about Apple iOS 10

iOS 10

The iPhone 7 is finally here and with it there comes a new operating system in the shape of iOS 10. In CEO Tim Cook’s words, iOS 10 is set to be the biggest update the Cupertino Company has made in the history of the OS.

Apple unveiled the beta version of iOS 10 a few months ago and all this time, developers have had access to it. However, the stable version is set to go public in about a week’s time. Before it comes around, we have found 6 great features that we believe will push every current iPhone user to download and install the updated OS on their device.

You can now delete many default apps from your iPhone

Finally, iOS 10 brings some uniqueness to itself. The new OS will let users delete default apps that they don’t need. Apple packs its mobile software with apps such as Find Friends, Stocks, and many others. Well, if you don’t like having any of these apps hanging around on your phone, you can get rid of them and install better third-party apps to do the same job.

A more detailed lock screen

Apple has made some decent changes to the lock screen of iOS 10, where there are a number of widgets that you can use to do stuff faster than before. Whether it’s calling a favorite contact, check the weather or even search for something – you can do it right from the lock screen of your phone. It gets even better as you can still customize it. All you need is to swipe right on your lock screen.

You can take what you’re browsing on your computer to your iPhone instantly

You’ll definitely love this one. Assume you are browsing on your PC and there is a doorbell. Rather than go through hassles of copying the link in your note-taking app so as to paste it in the browser of your phone, Apple iOS 10 now lets you instantly access the same tabs when you pull up Safari on your phone as you head towards the door. This keeps everything seamless, but apparently, it should only work with Safari web browser.

iOS 10

No more searching for your car in a parking lot

It may sound crazy but it happens. It is easy to forget the exact place you parked your car when in a huge parking lot. This has even led to some old-timer tricks like jotting down the coordinates of the car’s location or taking a picture of the surroundings. Well, Apple’s iOS 10 wants to get rid of this hassle with a feature that remembers any place your car stops, automatically.

Want to share GIFs on iMessage? No more third-party keyboards

It has been hell for users of iMessage who also wanted to share the joy of using GIFs. To do so, a third-party keyboard was needed, but iOS 10 does away with this hassle by equipping the messaging app with the ability to share GIFs. The updated app also includes a fast-search feature for any photo you want to share.

This is not the end for the iMessage app because the new version now lets users send selfies from within the app. When you hit the camera button, you will see a live image that you can capture or opt to check out for a photo in the camera roll. To make things a little more fun, Apple has added a feature that allows users to draw animated artwork using a finger and share it with friends.

iOS 10 Apple

Enjoy short videos of your best memories from the Photos app

A photo can replace a thousand words in a flick, but Apple iOS 10 wants to make things even better. In the new Photos app you will find a new feature known as Memories. This automatically gathers your best photo moments from different places and times and comes up with a cute video of the same that is backed by a song. Just pull up the Photos app on your iPhone and hit the Memories button. This is a great addition for those who have thousands of photos on their phones.

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