Android Nougat – It’s all About Efficiency, the New Game Changer Has Arrived

Android 7.0 Nougat

Android N is proving to be a game changer in the world of operating systems, offering the utmost in efficiency that users have been hoping for.

There is no dramatic revamping of the software, but the rough edges have been smoothened out and it makes the device much smarter. The foundation has become stronger than before.

A Game Changer

Android N went through several months in preview and then debuted surprisingly this month. Nougat is now ready for the primetime show. The version remains almost the same as was seen in March, when the name Nougat had not yet been assigned to it. It comes with a splash of big as well as small features, some of which were long overdue. The version is more elegant and offers several changes at the lower level. It cannot be termed as an exciting version, but it is useful and valuable, as it enhances the efficiency of the device.

Pros and Cons

The changes in notifications are impressive. The apps install faster and their performance has also been improved. Doze offers improvement to battery performance. However, the split screening applications are sometimes plain weird.

Another caveat is that it might be quite some time before users can get the OTA update for Nougat. If you are using Nexus hardware, it could be sooner, but for other users of Android, it might be a longer wait. Both the carriers and the OEMs have not come out with any specific date for release of the Nougat version. However, those who own a Nexus device are free to enroll the device in the beta program and install the 7.0 build on their phones.

Android N

No Dramatic Revamp

If users are looking for a dramatic revamping of the OS, they are in for a disappointment. The stock feel of Android continues to remain the same with Android Nougat. At least, this is true for the initial release, as there might be changes and enhancements with the MR1 release. There might be some user interface changes kept for the new Nexus phones, the Sailfish and the Marlin, to be released shortly. They might come with a brand new launcher as well. In fact, some users might not even notice that things are different. However when you start swiping around, you might notice the improvements.

Fundamental Changes

Two features of Android have seen a drastic change. The first one is the notifications. In previous versions, the notifications would just remain after you pulled it down, till the user interacted with it. Nougat bundles the notifications by applications, letting you do things more efficiently. Through the notifications, you can expand a specific notification and see the details such as the sender name and subject in an email notification and even reply to it.

Multi tasking is also a big deal for some users and especially useful for those having phones with bigger display screens. It is hoped that the developers of the apps will gradually smooth out the edges, so that two apps on the same screen work well.

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