Apple iPhone 7 And iPhone 7 Plus – The Big Changes That are Coming

Apple iPhone 7 Plus

With Apple, it’s always the best they have ever created and the just announced Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are no different.

Creating the hype that the brand is always known for, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook launched the new phones and the ten big changes that you will find in the next generation models were detailed. The first one is obviously design as it is completely different with a strong focus on a brand new camera.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus

The next one is the home button which uses a new haptic feedback chip and is now more responsive than it used to be. The biggest change is obviously the camera which now has optical image stabilization, six element lens, better shutter speed and the company is really confident that they can now create near-DSLR like pictures with such ease.

In order to showcase the power of the high speed camera on the iPhone 7, the phone was given to popular photographers who came back with amazing photos. The phones are now water resistant allowing you to go to the beach or walk in the rain without having to worry about the phone getting damaged.

New Retina displayed is said to be 25% more brighter than the previous displays. It has all the bells and whistles associated with all older iPhones along with some better color management, wide color gamut, 3D touch and cinema standard display.

Apple iPhone 7

A lot of people are already turned off by the fact that in order to experience the best dual lens camera with depth of field, one has to go for the bigger iPhone 7 Plus as it is not being offered in the smaller iPhone 7. So far, Apple has refused to address the rumor related to removing the headphone jack and they might probably skip it completely.  However, they have integrated new stereo speakers for loud cinematic sound on the go.

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