Bad News on the new Nexus Phones – Prices to Increase – When Will They be Announced?


The bad news about the new Nexus Phones, the Marlin and the Sailfish, is that they will be priced a little higher when compared to the 5X and the 6P Nexus devices.


The new Google Nexus phones, namely the Marlin and the Sailfish, will be released shortly. However, there is some bad news regarding the price of these premium devices. The devices will come with premium quality in build as well as in the inner components and in the performance. However, they are both likely to be more costly when compared with their predecessors, namely, the 6P and the 5X Nexus phones.

Expected Cost of Sailfish

The Sailfish is the smaller phone of the two devices and it is expected to come at a price of around $449 in case of the 32 GB version. This is according to the Nexus Blog of HTC. The cost of Sailfish is around $70 more when compared to the 16 GB 5x Nexus and $20 more when compared to the 32 GB variant of the Nexus 5X. There is also no news whether the Sailfish will come in a 64 GB or in a 125 GB variant and what the cost would be in that case.

Nexus Phones

Cost of Marlin
It is rumored that the Nexus Marlin will cost around $599 for the 32 GB variant. This is already $100 more when compared to the Nexus 6P with 32 GB. The Nexus phablets were available in both 64 GB and in 128 GB variants and were priced $549 for the former and $649 for the latter. It is possible that the Marlin will also be offered in other variants having more built in storage. However, the Nexus Blog does not offer any more information on this front. It is rumored that Google will announce the two new phones next month and they will be released some time in October.

Main Rival – iPhone 7

The main rival of the new Nexus phones, the Sailfish and the Marlin, is the iPhone 7. The iPhone 7 is expected to come in three variants of 32 GB as well as 128 GB and a 254 GB variant. It will be launched in the middle of September, according to reports. Though Apple has not yet announced these storage versions, several reports indicate that the three storage variants are surely on the cards.

News Leaks

A lot of news has already been leaked about the Nexus Sailfish and the Nexus Marlin. However, the prices were not leaked so far. Sometime back, there were renders of the two devices that popped up on some websites showing the hardware configuration of the two phones. Now, the prices of the two devices have also been leaked. However, the source of the news regarding the cost is not verified, so there is still hope that the prices might be lower than the rumored one. Some internal sources from HTC, which has built the Nexus devices this year, have revealed that the phones will be more expensive when compared to its predecessors.

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