Battlefield 1 Allows Some Satisfying Kills, Especially On Horses

Battlefield 1

Keeping aside the arguments that video games promote violence, it is impossible to deny the fact that killing people while riding a horse in Battlefield 1 is hugely satisfying.

Before the official launch, DICE, developers of Battlefield 1 had lot of information to share about the horses they have created. Not many games have these animals embedded into the gameplay and even those who do doesn’t create them properly. The team has ensured that horses are as alive as they could be. It is fun to start off in one of them when everyone else is going in tanks and huge motorized vehicles.

Battlefield 1

The key to survival on top a horse is to be on the move. When you are capturing a point, never stay in one place. A sniper atop a hill could be aiming for your head. The same goes for taking down enemies who are guarding points. If you simply rush forward, they will shoot you down. Avoid using guns on a horse. The satisfying kills that we are talking about are always done using the sword. It works very accurate if you are close enough to the enemy.

Just swing the sword at the right time and the enemy solider will be slaughtered. The good news is, there is no need to aim or position yourself right to take a kill. All that is required is to reach his position while dodging the bullets. Besides, horses are highly capable when it comes to jumping over obstacles. They let you move fast into flag points and take down any enemy lurking in the car.

If they are hiding inside a building, your teammates could help destroy it using a tank. An option is to make use of the gun. Shooting while riding a horse could be a bit difficult as it takes time to aim. Always make sure to wait for the shoot while keeping the animal galloping at a decent speed. It makes it hard for the other shooter to pin point your position and fire.Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 is a game that would be a worthy addition to the franchise. The World War I gameplay is exactly not what it should be but it’s fun in its own way. The maps are large and with more vehicles, new areas it is about to get better. Besides, it is a welcome change to enjoy a multiplayer shooter in a new setting that is not related to modern military shooters.

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