Battlefield 1 Beta Doesn’t Have A Fixed End Date For Now

Battlefield 1 Beta

Battlefield 1 beta is about to begin real soon, August 31st to be precise. For those who have signed up for the insider group, codes should arrive any time before this weekend.

People who have signed up for the Battlefield insider programmer will receive access to the game at least a week earlier. If you have already mentioned your platform of choice and agreed to their terms with an Origin id, the key will arrive in your e-mail anytime. Watch out for the same and within hours you can enjoy the best of the World War I multiplayer match in breathtaking next gen graphics.

Most players are keen to know when Battlefield 1 beta will actually end. DICE and EA are tight lipped on their information. We are not sure why but when questioned, they replied in their Twitter feed that the open beta commences by the end of August as promised. They added that the end date has not been confirmed for now and will be announced later.

Battlefield 1

It is one huge game and when you download it, most players will probably wish to enjoy it for a week or so. While Electronic Arts is aware of the fact, the time period of the open beta could range somewhere between a week to 10 days. This is the maximum period any beta program would run. The time is enough for developers to stress test their servers and identify bugs before an official release.

Battlefield 1 set in World War I era is a striking change in the series. Of late, the franchise focused a lot on modern warfare and made some successful games except for Battlefield Hardline. When they announced their decision to go with a completely different game, it was surprising but a welcome addition.

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, the director competitor for the EA game is going with a whole new different setup. The game focuses on space warfare and tries to revamp the series in a perspective like never before. From a gamer’s perspective it is fun to have two different first person shooters with awesome multiplayer and map choices to pick from.

With the open beta for Battlefield 1, you can easily check how well it runs on your PC and also experience the multiplayer first hand. The game does have a single player campaign mode which makes it worth the purchase on launch.

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