Battlefield 1 Horses Can Fight Against Tanks and Riflemen, Here’s How

Battlefield 1

Players who assumed that horses could be useless in the World War I epic game Battlefield 1 should change their opinion.

DICE in their blog has explained how they work and using them against tanks, riflemen efficiently.

Horses change the battlefield like never before. While the series have had lots of vehicles on the ground and air, these live animals react differently. They are self-conscious to an extent and wouldn’t run into rocks or cliff. But, at the same time these loyal animals are extremely fast and can help you reach your enemy in a jiffy to take him down, says the developers at DICE.

“Players can mount a horse in Battlefield 1 as they do so with a vehicle. You can spawn directly on one or find it in the war. They are quite fast and has a huge health bar unlike humans who can’t take too much of fire. Once on a horse, make sure you are always on the move and don’t end up being an easy target. You can even take down tanks,” said the developer.

Battlefield 1

The team suggests that tanks and other large armored vehicles are extremely slow. All one has to do is run around in circles and flank them using grenades. When successfully done for a short period, however powerful the tank is, they should lose the battle against a mere horse. Besides, they are extremely powerful in close combat making melee kills hugely satisfying.

“Horses are not only highly offensive but can be used to support the entire team. As soon as you mount them, you gain access to loads of gadgets, weapons and other items in stock. While on the move, throw health and ammo packs to keep the team fighting. They can even be used to trample down enemies and save your teammates from being flanked. You can easily jump off a horse as you do from a moving vehicle and charge,” they further explained.

The key to success in Battlefield 1 is to mount a horse and stay on the move. As long as you are fast, it is impossible even for a sniper to find you and take you down. There are some mid-range guns available that can be used from a horseback. Aiming and taking down enemies from a distance as well as going all the way into their own barracks is possible. Thanks to these amazing horses. The beta is right around the corner.

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