Battlefield 1 Open Beta – 3 Things That DICE Should Change In Final Game

Battlefield 1 Open Beta

The Battlefield 1 open beta has its fair share of pros and cons. The beta is now live on PS4, Xbox One and PC platforms.

While bugs are plenty that needs fixing, the game is good in its own respect but some changes should be made.

DICE is quite responsive with Battlefield 1 like never before. They have been actively receiving bug updates, reports and complaints from gamers. A lot of them have been fixed even when the game is still in its beta stage. The Sinai desert map is the one that is live right now where players can play conquest or rush modes.

Need More Vehicles

If there is one thing Battlefield 1 seriously lacks, it’s the number of vehicles. While we do know that EA and DICE will reveal many of them as DLC packs, they are supposed to provide some vehicles in the base game. The Sinai Desert map is really large and it takes such a long time to reach one point only to get killed by a waiting sniper.

Battlefield 1

Map Feels Empty

A significant issue that we found and most players discussed is that even though there are 64 players online playing, the map feels extremely empty. DICE may have some plans and we are yet to see other maps. Battlefield 1 is sure to have some tight maps where intense combat, run and gun is possible. This is something that should be taken into account if all maps are going to look like Sinai.

Customization of Weapons

Weapon customization seems limited at the moment. The game offers multiple weapons but when compared to Battlefield 3 or Battlefield 4, it looks really less. The reason could be the fact that the game is set during World War I where customization was not much of a thing. It might take a while before DICE reveals their plans with regards to this factor.

Above all, Battlefield 1 has some great moments. The inclusion of horses in the title is simply cool and they are well-balanced allowing you to engage in combat even against a tank. There is no confirmed end date for the open beta. You can download it on a platform of your choice and play it, if you haven’t done yet. The game is a good mix of Battlefront and Hardline. Let’s hope the developers make it better before official launch.

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