Battlefield 1 Open Beta Players Run Into Resolution Scale Issues, Redditors Help

Battlefield 1 Open Beta

Battlefield 1 open beta is officially live in most regions and you should probably check your Origin account on PC to download the game.

The long awaited beta is out and those who were really curious to see how good Battlefield 1 set during the World War I look like can check it out in person. Players with powerful gaming PCs will obviously experience the most advanced graphics, probably in 4K resolution. If you are going to play on Xbox One or PS4 console, it is going to be equally fun because playing on a couch with your favorite controller is fun in a different perspective.

Console players will have the advantage to enjoy a fun experience while PC gamers with mouse and keyboard are going to go all-out hardcore with their best reflexes. The open beta has run into a resolution scale bug, a feature that most wouldn’t have heard of. When you play it on a computer, you will be inclined to modify the settings to get optimal performance from the game.

Besides, it is common to find players trying to push their graphics card to its best possible performance. Playing in full resolution or the native resolution of their monitor matters a lot. In an attempt to do so, many switched the resolution scale found in the game from the default 42 to 50 or even 100 in some cases.

Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 immediately started showing some serious issues and crashed to the desktop. Some started witnessing occasional lags, stuttering and screen tearing. The problem is, we assume that when the resolution scale is at 42 percent, it utilizes less than half of what your monitor is capable of. In reality, it’s not how DICE has designed the game to be.

Reddit users have managed to find a solution for this problem and has also clarified how it works. When you choose 100 percent for you’re the resolution scale, it is actually 2x more than your native resolution. The graphics card will never be able to handle such settings leading to massive performance issues.

The conclusion is, just don’t meddle with this particular setting in Battlefield 1. The 42 percent which doesn’t make any sense but is your native resolution and the game should run fine. Trying to increase it is not something one should do even if you own a 2K or 4K monitor. Type render.drawscreeninfo 1 in the console to confirm if it is set to its default scaling level.

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