Battlefield 1 Servers Go Down Due To DDOS Attacks, Multiple Connectivity Issues


While Battlefield 1 is promising as a World War I game, there are plenty of issues going around at the moment. Electronic Arts servers went offline and it is suspected that a DDOS attack is in progress.

The developers might have found a possible solution at the moment to stop hackers from keeping the servers down. PoodleCorp is the hacking group that has claimed responsibility for this DDOS attack. They have taken down Battlefield 1 servers and apparently there is no solid reason for doing so. It is not only the new BF game but all EA games connected through Origin has experienced serve outage.

The widespread network outage was a huge disappointed for players who downloaded Battlefield 1 on the first day as soon as the open beta started. DICE had a lot of work to do because when they are stress testing the servers, they are supposed to fix bugs and ensure game works as expected when so many people are on board. Instead, the developers are now busy fixing the DDOS attack and safeguarding themselves against other future attacks.

Battlefield 1

EA has confirmed that they are experiencing server issues but the publisher didn’t state the reason behind it. The issue is not only faced by PC gamers but those who tried Origin games on Playstation 4 and Xbox One faced the same problem. PoodleCorp declared that they have launched all-out warfare against EA corporation. The game when we tried to access continued to crash for no reason and frame rates were really bad on almost all configurations.

The performance dip could possibly be because of server issue as it doesn’t have enough bandwidth to upload and download data at once. You might have to wait for a couple of hours before getting online to play Battlefield 1. The game has opened to decent reviews and offers a cool 64-player map, the Sinai desert.

If there is something wrong about this is that the map doesn’t feel tight and action packed as it does with Battlefield 4. The developers might add a lot of new elements before the final output which might make Battlefield 1 a worthy world war game to go for. Meanwhile, Call of Duty Infinite Warfare is about to get launched at the same time but Activision doesn’t follow the cycle of launching open betas for their COD multiplayer modes. It’s usually the storyline that makes a Call of Duty game tick.

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