Battlefield 1 They Shall Not Pass DLC Pack And Premium Pass Detailed

Battlefield 1 Premium Pass

Battlefield 1 is yet to be officially out but the EA and DICE tradition continues.

The company has already announced the first DLC pack for the game and detailed premium pass content.

Electronic Arts have maintained a tradition of launching a base game in the Battlefield series which is never complete until you buy all the expansion packs. They offer 10 maps in the original game while 20 other maps will be provided to the player only if they are willing to shell another $60 on the game. It brings it to a total of $120 and instead of trying hard to unlock the battlepacks, you can pay some more to buy them.

The publisher continues their trend with not just Battlefield 1 but almost all of their games including the notoriously popular The Sims 4. The base game usually has very little content while every new furniture, costume and setting will be sold as individual packs. The first DLC about to get launched in the month of March next year is named They Shall Not Pass.

Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 has soldiers from the U.S., Britain, Germany and Italy among others. However, it doesn’t have the French people taking part in the World War I. DICE is not going to alter history but rather allow players to include French soldiers and new maps in the expansion pack. Another expansion scheduled to get launched later in 2017 will introduce Russian soldiers into the game.

The Premium Pass priced at $49.99 which is big cheaper when compared to buying those DLCs individually will provide 16 new multiplayer maps, 20 weapons, elite class, new game modes and 14 dog tags. It also includes 14 battlepacks making it easier to get you plenty of weapons along with standout weapon skins.

When you purchase the pass, you will receive a total of four DLCs and two weeks early access to the game. We expect it will include newer soldiers and maps among other content that are quite familiar to most Battlefield veterans.

While off to a bad start, Call of Duty Infinite Warfare developers are slowly catching up with better videos and interviews. If they have done something amazing, it could be a tough fight when Infinite Warfare backed by a renewed version of Modern Warfare goes head to head against Battlefield 1 by the end of this year. The game is set for launch on October 21st, 2016.

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