Battlefield 1 Trailer Remade With Team Fortress Heroes Is Splendid

Team Fortress 2

Battlefield 1 is going strong with its open beta but the reveal trailer continues to inspire people to recreate it in different settings.

First, it was the lego version and now we have the Team Fortress edition of the trailer.

The creators have used Valve’s own source engine and all the elements from the popular game, Team Fortress 2. Valve has a lot of intellectual properties that are often used to make fun of AAA titles. You can easily find so many videos made using Counter Strike, Team Fortress 2 and other games that are usually hilarious to watch.

The Battlefield 1 reveal trailer made using Team Fortress 2 characters is splendid in its respect. It is evident that the animation team has worked really lot to bring about the end result. Everything including the editing, visuals, components used and characters are marvelous. Instead of horses, they have used a moped to follow the train.

You can even witness heavy pits where World War I soldiers hide to escape tank attacks. Team Fortress 2 is a cool game but the Battlefield 1 inspired world seems too good to miss. Most commentators on Youtube has requested someone to create a similar mod so that everyone can enjoy shooting adventure set in the World War scenario.

Battlefield 1

The spoof videos are fun but if you want to get the real deal, the open beta is live now. Download it on a favorite platform of your choice and start playing the game. All the bugs that were found in the first few days are fixed now. Server issues that came up are solved by Electronic Arts.

People at DICE are working round the clock to make the game better, introduce new elements and balance the shooting so that you can still experience what the series is known for Battlefield 1 is a right mix of realistic shooting combined with arcade-like action sequences. You don’t just die in the battle but if you are not quick enough to dodge while riding a horse, a sniper could easily take you down in seconds.

Some of the best part of World War I including the maps and missions that the French participated in has been pushed to a DLC. EA is considered a “bad company” to deal with because of them forcing gamers to buy DLCs in order to experience the full game. The base game is set to be launched next month.

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