Big Apple Event on September 7th – Announcing iPhone 7, Updates to MacBook Pro and the Apple Watch – What to Expect

Apple iPhone and Apple Watch

Apple is holding a big event on the 7th of September, with expectations high for the unveiling of the new iPhones as well as updated Watches.

The invitations were sent out by the company and merely said “See you on the 7th”. This is the fifth year that Apple is coming up with an early September announcement of the new products.

Unveiling the new iPhone

The event should probably provide the occasion for announcing the new iPhone. There are expectations that the new gen iPhone released this September will be similar to the model of the previous year, albeit some small visual changes. The antenna lines might be reduced for one.

Plus and Minus Side

However, one major drawback in the new iPhone is that the headphone jack is being eliminated. On the positive side, the new iPhone models are likely to offer more water resistance. The bigger phone will come with a dual camera setup and this will improve quality of photos. The entry model of 16 GB will probably not be present and there will be a model with 32 GB.

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch was announced two years ago and the first one was released about a year and a half ago. Apple is probably ready for an upgrade to the first gen watch model. According to reports, the design will continue to remain the same but the internals will be faster. The GPS is also likely to be faster and the device will be useful for runners. It might also feature a camera, according to some rumors, but these plans could well have changed, as Apple is trying to move the focus from sending messages.

Apple Updates to MacBook Pro

Viewing the Event

The event will be covered live by The Verge, so Apple fans can just go to the to get all the latest information about the event. According to rumors, the Cupertino Company will probably announce the MacBook Pro updates along with update for the Apple Watch during the event. Fans can order the new iPhone 7 even the coming week and get the phones within another week.

“See You on the 7th

The invite only contains these words and from the line it has been deduced that Apple will unveil its new phone on Sept 7th. Bokeh is the name of the photographic effect seen on the invitation. It makes a distortion of the light points into orbs and this could be seen as clues pointing towards the new camera on the upcoming iPhone 7.

Dual Camera Feature

Some weeks ago, there was a video release showing the iPhone 7 prototype, with the focus on the large camera bulge seen on the rear of the device. The prototype comes with two-camera lens. This will enable the user to have more control over the settings, using techniques like bokeh on their Apple phones.

Headphone Jack Eliminated

This is the most controversial change and there are two possible speculations regarding the audio equipment for the iPhone 7. The new device could come with Bluetooth headset bundled in it or it could feature an adapter that makes the existing EarPod design compatible with it.

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