Confirmed: LG V20 Will be the First Phone to Run Android Nougat – Price, Specs and Release Details

LG V20

After LG confirmed that the LG V20 will be launched on 6th of September, word immediately started spreading that the handset could beat the Google Nexus 2016 handsets towards becoming the first device to come preinstalled with Android Nougat OS.

This rumor has been fueled by the fact that Google doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to unveil the Nexus 2016 phones, with reports pushing the official release date to somewhere in October. Now, Google seems to have conceded defeat in the race towards being the first to unveil Android Nougat devices after confirming that indeed the LG V20 will roll out ahead of the Nexus 2016 handsets. We have also gathered everything possible in terms of pricing, specs, features as well as the release date.

Price and release date

In a post made on Reddit, it is believed that the LG V20 will be released on September 23, with T-Mobile set to start accepting preorders as from September 14. As for the price, the handset will cost $650. Buyers of this phone will also get extras when getting the phone, among them an additional battery and enhanced battery grip, a memory module attachment and a full year of Hulu as well as three Vudu rentals, but the latter will only be exclusive to T-Mobile.

LG V20

Specs and features

Even though LG has not come out with every aspect of the specs and features of the V20, it has hinted that the phone will “set new standards” in the premium family thanks to its expanded multimedia capabilities. For starters, Android Nougat will power the handset out of the box. Furthermore, other leaks claim that the flagship will come with the latest Snapdragon 820, 4GB RAM and a huge 4000mAh battery unit. Users of the phone can also expect to see a 20MP snapper at the back, but it is unlikely the setup will be dual-lens.

Keep in mind that this specs sheet is not confirmed yet and as such, anything could easily change. We’ll be here to let you know every detail of the LG V20 once it is unveiled early next month.

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