Elder Scrolls 6 is a Possibility, Skyrim Confirmed for Nintendo Switch

nintendo switch skyrim

The Nintendo Switch has already got the attention of developers and Bethesda is easily one of the big names to watch out for.

Todd Howard from the company said that he’s really excited about this innovative idea and looks forward to work on it.

Compared to other consoles, the Nintendo Switch has some stark differences. The hybrid console aims to allow gamers to enjoy the best game titles on their televisions and carry the same experience to the streets. They can not only game on the go like on a 3DS or a PS Vita but also split the controllers to allow friends to play with them in any spot of their choice.

Skyrim Confirmed Nintendo Switch

“We are really excited and going to support the idea Nintendo has come up with. I had the opportunity to try it during E3 this year. It felt just great. I really would love to talk more about it but I am not supposed to because of the non-disclosure agreement. The official reveal is real soon and everyone can see what I did in a month or so. This is the first time our company is working with Nintendo. We did associate with them during the retro gaming era but this is our big association after the old NES days,” said Howard.

In an earlier meet, Bethesda’s Peter Hines said that Elder Scrolls is not happening. However, Todd Howard gave some reassuring news that Elder Scrolls 6 is indeed coming even though the team is not working on it at the moment. They are really committed to bringing the franchise back to life.

“There are other projects going on at the moment and Elder Scrolls 6 is something very important to our fans. We are aware of the fact and can say for sure that the game will shape up one day. It is important to keep expectations level and deliver on what they want. Chances are high that it could backfire which is why we have a lot of discussions and plans going on. I can elaborate a lot but I just like to say that it is happening if not now in the future,” clarified Howard.

nintendo switch skyrim

For long running fans, this is good news! Skyrim was one of the iconic games on PCs with mod support like never before and it led to the remastered version. The game is still popular on PS4, Xbox One with mods, a surprising addition on consoles. Bethesda is supposed to match and go beyond what fans expect when they make an Elder Scrolls 6 game.


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