Facebook Tests a New Collating Feature for its News Feed Column


With another new day comes another experiment from the Facebook team.

The new exploratory feature from Facebook gives a hint at the status updates from your friends and family, which you might have otherwise missed to look upon. A reputed site had reported that it had spotted a tiny box which had “What friends are talking about” marked on it, in the company’s Android-based device app. This feature allows displaying a few posts from your friend’s status updates all in one box which is located at the top of your feed. However, this feature was not visible to many other users on their Android, iOS devices or even on their computers. This definitely doesn’t come as a surprise since only a very few lucky people get to access the new features in their experimental stages. So, check your own device if you are one of the few chosen ones!

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Latest Changes to the Facebook News Feed Column

Facebook has been making several changes to the News Feed column over the past few months. Their aim is to bring in the status updates which might be really interesting to you, to the top of your feed. This feature allows you to not miss any important update from your friends and therefore lets you have a better interaction with your friends. This probable feature could possibly change the synergy amongst you and your friends. However, there is always a chance that the company could pull down all these efforts and give up on the new feature. This depends on how good the response was to this feature during the experimental period.

Facebook has been working previously on its brand new feature of auto-play video feature along with sound and has now started testing new features for its News Feed column. Apparently, this new feature helps to collate all the latest and big updates from your family and friends and then puts them all up in a small dialogue box that is almost the size of your image post and is present at the top of your News Feed. This “What friends are talking about” feature relays and broadcasts all the status updates from your friends that you have missed since you had logged in the last time.

Although this feature was spotted by just a few users in their Android-based device apps, no official confirmation from Facebook has been reported about this feature.

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