Fallout 4 Gets A New Mod Vault 1080 And It’s Made By Nvidia

Fallout 4 Gets A New Mod Vault 1080

The title might sound a bit confusing but you read it totally right. The graphics card manufacturer Nvidia is foraying into the world of game development and they have created a mod for Fallout 4.

When venturing into the world of game development, any company would try to make an indie title and grab the attention of gamers. However, Nvidia has decided to go with the road not taken and is testing waters with a mod for one of the most popular games of recent times. Fallout 4 is such a cool pick as it will help the developers showcase their talent and how beautiful they have managed to make the game look with this mod named Vault 1080.

According to the storyline, people who live in this particular vault have started following a new religion. The group prays to darkness and the devil going with some insane culture. It doesn’t make sense as to why they would pray darkness when the world is already destroyed by a nuke and there is hardly any hope left. Maybe, Nvidia wanted to showcase how well they can create textures, visuals and lighting in total darkness.

Fallout 4

The Fallout 4 mod developed by Nvidia is coming to PCs today and you will be able to download it for free from Bethesda.net. The developers have released an amazing trailer that showcases the world they have created in Vault 1080, the citizens and what they are up to. It is visually rich but the storyline will play a crucial role in making it popular among Fallout fans.

“We are confident that the terrific use of lighting, shadows and fog effect in Vault 1080 will provide an experience like never before. Volumetric lighting has been used to the best extent in this mod which is not something you can see in any standard title. Most games usually have restrictions and are supposed to be run on different hardware. Working on Fallout 4 which is already a widely accepted title made it easier for us to push its boundaries in terms of graphics. Whenever a light source is blocked, the feature kicks in,” wrote Steve Williams from Nvidia in the company’s official blog.

Mods have always made Skyrim and Fallout 4 interesting ever since the games got launched. While they are still new to Xbox One and PS4 consoles, PC gamers have enjoyed and always supported custom mods that even became standalone games of their one. Nvidia might just do it right in their first attempt.

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