Genesis G90 Flagship Pricing Announced, Base Model Starts At $69,050

Genesis G90 Flagship

The spaciously big Genesis G90 flagship sedan has an official price tag. The luxury car starts at $69,050 which includes destination delivery charges in the United States.

The car is about to arrive at dealership stores this month. Automobile sales in the U.S. has been relatively lukewarm in recent times according to fiscal reports. However, that didn’t stop automobile manufacturers from rolling out refreshed versions of outgoing models and new ones. The base model is the 2017 Genesis G90 3.3T Premium edition which is powered by a 3.3-liter twin turbo V6 engine. The car uses a rear wheel drive system but if you are going to go for an all-wheel drive for increased torque and performance, it will increase the overall cost to $71,550.

Buyers looking to go for a model powered by a V8 engine should opt for the G90 5.0 ultimate edition.  The model has a 5.0-liter V8 powertrain, uses rear wheel drive and can be upgraded to an all-wheel drive by shelling out $73,150. Without the add-on, the model is priced much lower at $70,650. The U.S. market is being flooded with crossovers, trucks and other variants while Genesis is betting high on the sedan, coupe scenario.

2017 Genesis G90

All the standard safety features that one would expect from a model is integrated in the Genesis G90. It includes drive attention alert, blind spot detection, automatic emergency braking, rear cross traffic alert, lane keep assist and rear parking sensors. Drivers who are relatively new to handling such a large car will find many of these features handy. The parking sensors ensure that they don’t bump into other cars when trying to park the car in tight spots.

Amazon’s initiative Alexa connectivity system has been used in the Genesis G90 model. It is the first ever car to implement this infotainment technology. If proven successful, other top manufacturers like BMW and Ford will soon join the market and implement Alexa in their own cars. The smaller version of the G90, named the G80 sedan is already available in stores.

It has been going steady in terms of sales but most experts opine that the auto market in the United States is undergoing a rapid change. If manufacturers are to expect better sales, they should adopt to what buyers want and continuously innovate the models so as to reach their target audience. It is to be seen how the Genesis G90 flagship fares in the market.

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