Get A Free Demo Disc When You Buy Playstation VR Headset For PS4 Console

Playstation VR

Buying a new hardware usually demands a budget of its own and purchasing new games at the same time is tough.

Sony alleviates the situation by offering a VR demo disc when you purchase the Playstation VR headset for the PS4 console.

The new virtual reality headset exclusively designed for Playstation 4 will be launched on October 13. The hardware is about to change the way console gaming rolls with all-new games that will immerse you into the world like never before. PCs have their own Oculus Rift and HTC Vive powered by powerful graphic cards. The PS4 console may not be as powerful as them but it can still run games at a decent frame rate and offers enough titles to choose from on launch date.

If you can’t afford to buy them all and would like to know the best titles before buying them, the free demo disc for the Playstation VR headset should help you out. A couple of popular games are included in the disc and Sony has released a blog detailing all the games available in it. DriveClub VR is the first title that will put you in the driver’s seat and ensure a racing experience like never before.

Rigs Mechanized Combat League

A fun ride like game is offered with Playstation VR Worlds. It lets you jump into the ocean, travel through the desert and many other terrains. Lots of amazing sights to see and some exclusive picks from the original game lets you decide whether you should buy the particular title. Tumble VR is the same stacking blocks game that you know but in virtual reality it’s so different. It’s time to build your tower of blocks with your own hands and the intense pressure that you feel when they are about to fall down is realistic like never before.

For gamers who love combat, shooting and space wards, the demo disc for the Playstation VR on PS4 offers Battlezone, Eve Valkyrie and Rigs Mechanized Combat League. The Rigs game is of two robots fighting each other to victory while Eve is a space combat system with huge battles. Wayward Sky is similar to Bioshock Infinite where you spend most of the time in the sky, going through a cloudy journey. The headset is priced it $400 but if you spend $500, you can get the PS4 VR headset with PS Camera, Move controllers and the Worlds game. It’s a good starter bundle for VR lovers.

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