Getting Around Android Nougat New Features – Blocking Spam Calls A Little Complex For Now

Blocking Spam Calls

Here are some tips on how to get around the new Android Nougat and block spam calls and so on.

Android N would like to keep spam calls away from your phone.

New OS Nougat

The new operating system from Google was available to developers in March this year and went through beta testing for some time. Google was able to refine the OS and the new Nougat, 7.0 version is now ready and being sent out to compatible Nexus devices within a few weeks. All other compatible Android phones will also get the update by the end of the year or beginning of 2017.

Blocking Calls Using Google Dialer

If you want to block a spam call, you can just block the number and it is blocked from all the applications on the device. The best way of blocking the number is by using the Google Dialer that is installed on the device. You can launch the application and then tap on the menu button seen beside the microphone on the upper part of the application. Tap on the Settings and then tap on Call Blocking. You then have to tap on Add a Number and then enter the number that you want to block.

Alternate Method

You can also tap on the number seen in the recent calls and opt for Block or Report spam. You can opt for blocking alone and disable the reporting spam box. You will not get any calls from that number, even if you have not reported the spam. But if you report the spam number, Google and carriers will receive it and it will help them to better filter such calls.

Android Nougat Features

Using Messenger

You can also use the default SMS application Messenger of Google and add the number to the new Nougat master-blocking list. You have to open the Messenger application and tap on the men foundin the upper right hand corner. You can then tap on the Blocked contacts and add the particular number you want to block. It is also easy to just long press the contact on your message list and then tap on the Block icon. You will be asked whether you want to report the spam and also block the number.

Changing Default Applications

It is also necessary to change some apps to the default mode. Google Dialer and the Google Messenger applications must be sent to the default mode, otherwise the options for blocking the numbers will not beeffective. Users must go to the Settings and then Apps and tap on Phone or the SMS in order to change to the correct default.

Complicated Blocking

As of now, it is rather complicated to block a particular number. Based on the developer notes, it has to be done using the default phone application, the default SMS application or a particular carrier application. It will take some time for Nougat to be rolled out to all the Nexus phones and by that time the user’s phone application or SMS application will probably offer support for blocking numbers. However, for now, you may to have to go through these steps

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