Google Brings Wi Fi Assistant for Nexus Phones – Data Saving Perks for Nexus Phone Owners

Wi Fi Assistant for Nexus Phones

Google will be bringing in a feature known as Wi Fi Assistant for all Nexus phones within a few weeks.

New Data Saving Feature

The new feature is a data saving perk for Nexus owners and it gives the phone the ability to connect automatically to all open and free Wi Fi hotspots. This will reduce the data use on your phone and also improve the mobile data speed. This feature was previously available only for the Project Fi, cell service. However, now it can be available by all Nexus phone owners in the United States, Canada and Mexico and also in the UK and in the Nordic countries.

How to Access Assistant

In order to find the Wi Fi Assistant, users can go to the Settings applications on their Nexus phones and tap on Google and then tap on Networking. They can toggle this feature on or off. If the Wi Fi Assistant connects the device, they can see the small key on the top corner of the phone. The icon that is visible will be the same as the VPN icon of Android. However, on the Nexus phones, the icon indicates that the phone is connected to a freely available Wi Fi Network. If the user does not want to connect to that particular network, he or she can tap on the Forget, with the press and hold action on the name of the network found in the settings.

Google Brings Wi Fi Assistant

Automatic Connection – How it Works

Google has just announced that it is offering the Nexus phones the capability of connecting automatically as well as securely to millions of Wi Fi hotspots. The Assistant is able to identify an open or free hotspot having strong connections. As the Assistant operates on an open network, it makes us of the Google VPN for securing this connection. It ensures that you get a connection that is trustworthy, without taking any manual steps. The feature will be rolled out to all Nexus phones within a few weeks.

Secure and Automatic

This will help the user to stay connected, especially in a place where the mobile connection is not so strong. The phone then automatically connects to an open Wi Fi network, which has been verified as a fast and a reliable one. It is a free service that automatically makes the connection securely. The Assistant will also adjust to the optimal connections available and is capable of switching from a network to another one, without any interruption of the service.

Exclusive Feature Now Available

The feature was an exclusive one earlier and was only available to devices that were enabled with Project Fi. However, now it will be available to all the Nexus phone users. The Project Fi was unveiled in April of 2015 and was done to control costly roaming data, in order to lower phone bills. The testing continued for ten months and the service was opened up for users in March 2016.

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