Google Nexus 2016 Launching in October – Android Nougat 7.1 Not 7.0

Android Nougat 7.1

 The upcoming Google Nexus phones for 2016 will hit the stands with the Android 7.1 version and not the just released 7.0 version.

The latest OS of Android, Nougat 7.0 has just been released and the search giant is rolling the new version to many of the Nexus devices, including the Pixel C and the General Mobile 4G.

Next Version 7.1 Nougat

Amidst all this fanfare, it is rumored that the new Google Nexus devices to be released in October will come with the new 7.1 version of Nougat, rather than the 7.0 version. The new version of 7.1 Nougat will make its debut with the Nexus Marlin and the Nexus Sailfish, both of which are manufactured by HTC.

Android 7.1 Installation

The rumors are based on some evidence from an app developer in Reddit. The source stated that a hundred and more of users are now on the 7.1 Nougat. The developer has brought forward the screenshot of a stat page of an application on the IMGUR to offer evidence of this claim. From the screenshot, it can be seen that there are 115 installations of the upcoming Android 7.1 version, with 4 installations connected to Android O. Though the developer was aware that 7.1 would soon be released, he was not expecting the appearance of the Android O.

Nexus 2016

7.1 Nougat Out of the Box

Some other technical publications have also vouched for the fact that the upcoming HTC Nexus phones, the Marlin and the Sailfish would come with the new 7.1 version of Android N out of the box. The 7.1 will be the MR1 or the first maintenance release for the new Android N operating system. The release will come with some new features, but they are currently not disclosed.

Reports from Nathan Benis

Another insider, Nathan Benis claims that the new 7.1 version will be released the same time as the release in 2015. The version of Android 7.0 Nougat is the same as the fifth Developer preview and some of the features that were leaked previously are missing. There is speculation that the missing features will be offered in 7.1 version of Nougat with the MR1.

Features Anticipated from 7.1

It is anticipated that the home button will be redesigned. In addition, there is the Google Assistant as well as the Nexus Launcher. Users subscribing to the beta program of the new update will receive the MR1 release earlier when compared to the rest of the public. But VineReport claims that this has not been confirmed.

Specs of Marlin and Sailfish

As for the specs of the new Google Nexus devices coming with the 7.1 version, the Sailfish has a 5 inches screen and comes with a resolution of 1080 pixels, whereas Marlin is bigger with a 5.5 inches, Quad HD screen display. Snapdragon 820 processors combined with a RAM of 4 GB power both the phones. The Sailfish comes in a 16 GB as well as 32 GB version, whereas the Marline comes in a bigger 32 GB and 128 GB version. Battery capacity of the Marlin is 2770 mAh, whereas that of the Sailfish is better at 3450 mAh.

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