Google Nexus 2016 Phones to Drop “Nexus” Logo – More Surprises Await

Google Nexus 2016 vs Nexus 6P

Google should be ready to unveil the Nexus 2016 phones in a matter of days or weeks if the latest rumors are to be believed. Furthermore, the company’s previous releases took place in September and October, something that adds further to these speculations.

While the dates of the Nexus 2016 launch and release are still being sought, details about the devices’ looks and features have been all over. It has been pointed out that HTC is making two handsets codenamed Marlin and Sailfish. These two are replacing Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X released last year and they seem to have a number of surprises lined up.

In what happens to be a confirmation of what has previously speculated, the Google Nexus 2016 phones are reportedly set to ditch the “Nexus” brand name or rather logo and instead, the company wants to promote Google as a brand. Previous reports had hinted that the two phones will instead come with a “G” logo in place of the Nexus brand name, something that could spell an end to a brand the company has spent years trying to fashion.

Of course, Google has been marketing the “Nexus” brand with respect to its hardware products whereas the “Google” brand name has remained synonymous with software. However, recent times have started brewing new changes to the way the search engine giant handles things and this should go on with the upcoming Nexus 2016 phones.

The Nexus devices have been known for the fact that they run on pure Android OS. With Google set to ditch the brand name, it is also claimed that the company will extend the changes to the software part, ditching the “vanilla” version that has been featuring on all Nexus devices in favor of a special version of Android Nougat. Even though we still have no idea of what specials will be added to the stock Nougat OS with respect to the upcoming Google Nexus 2016, the reports only but echo what company CEO Sundar Pichai said back in June during a Recode Code Conference – that future Nexus handsets will see Google take a more opinionated role than it has been doing in the past.

Google Nexus 2016

Could this be it? Well, we’ll know when the Nexus 2016 phones are unveiled this month of September.

Other than the change of logos, HTC will also oversee a change in screen sizes when compared to last year’s models. Each of the two Nexus 2016 models will come with 0.2 inches less on the display panel when compared to their predecessors. In addition, the smaller Sailfish will drop the 16GB variant in favor of a 32GB base model. It has also been reported that HTC will pack the same hardware specs in the Sailfish and Marlin, unlike last year where the Nexus 6P had high-end specs as opposed to the mid-range specs on the Nexus 5X.

As a result of these changes, the Nexus 2016 phones will also come with a higher price tag. Apparently, the Nexus Sailfish base model will cost $449 while the Nexus Marlin base model will start at $599.

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