Google Nexus 4, Galaxy Tab S and OnePlus One Android Nougat Builds Show Up

Android Nougat 7.1

Now that Android Nougat is ready, owners of different devices are busy trying to find out if they will be able to update their devices with the latest OS.

Usually, major software updates have been seen to favor devices that are less than two years in the market. With this in mind, it should give you an idea that Android Nougat will not be available on quite a huge number of devices released in 2014 and previous years. However, developers love to make life easier for those who still rock these devices by getting the new OS to work on them.

It has already happened with the Nexus 5 2013 and Nexus 7 2013. It is now the turn for Nexus 4, Samsung Galaxy Tab S and OnePlus One.

An XDA Developer has already installed an Android Nougat ROM on the 4-year old Google Nexus 4. For your information, this device did not even receive Android Marshmallow from Google but keep in mind that this is still an early build. Of course, you will be able to boot your Nexus 4, but not everything is perfect yet. The likes of USB, H/W acceleration, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and radio interface layer are OK, but a huge number of the sensors, as well as the camera and NFC, are not working just yet.

Given the new nature of this Nexus 4 Android Nougat ROM, such issues are expected. However, they should be taken care of with future updates to the ROM. In short, you still have the option of waiting a little longer for better versions of the ROM to be released.

Android Nougat Update

The story is also the same for OnePlus One. In fact, this handset has received countless ROMs since it was first unveiled in 2014. It gets even more interesting as this Android Nougat ROM works almost perfectly, unlike what Nexus 4 users get. Still, you might come across minor bugs and a few apps and features that could be faulty. Make sure you stick to the instructions on this XDA thread to successfully install the Nougat ROM on your OnePlus One.

Just recently, Samsung overturned an earlier decision to omit the original Galaxy Tab S from Marshmallow updates. The two models – 8.4-inch and 10.5-inch – are currently receiving the update and it is about to get better as an Android Nougat ROM appears to be ready for the tablet. Apparently, both the LTE and Wi-Fi variants of the two tablets will soon get the Nougat treat via this unofficial link.

As before, make sure you adhere to all instructions as directed, otherwise, this might not end up good. In short, agreeing to flash an Android Nougat custom ROM on your Nexus 4, Samsung Galaxy Tab S or OnePlus One is totally out of your own doing. So, do it at your own risk.

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