Halo 5 Forge New Custom Map Gets Gameplay Videos On PC

Halo 5 Forge

Microsoft and 343 industries are yet to officially launch Halo 5 Forge, the map making tool for Halo 5 Guardians on PC.

When they do so, PC gamers will be able to play custom maps in 4K resolution. While Microsoft is not offering access to the full Halo 5 Guardians, the forge custom tools are fun enough and it facilitates 16 player matches. The first person shooter was supposed to be a Windows title but ended up on Xbox consoles and is still an exclusive after all these years.

In a surprise announcement, the Xbox division brought every last exclusive to Windows 10 PCs. They also announced cross platform play and cross buy. When you buy a game on Xbox One, it will automatically be available on the other platform. Gamers have multiple choice of platform because if they like to use a controller on a PC they can do so. Those with powerful computers can enjoy the Windows version of the title in 2K or 4K glory as they prefer.

The upcoming Xbox Scorpio console is expected to break the barriers once and for all. Supposed to be an expensive system, Microsoft promised to deliver perfect 4K gaming experience with Scorpio when it gets launched next year, probably. Meanwhile, gameplay videos of custom maps made using Halo 5 Forge tools have already emerged online.

Halo 5 Forge New Custom Map

As you would have expected, they simply look fabulous and being a free tool, it sure is going to reach every gamer around the globe. All you have to do is download the tool, browse through the maps made by people and join 16 player multiplayer matches. There should be plenty of servers available as soon as the tool gets launched. Hosting servers for computers are usually no big deal and they are not reliant on companies like Microsoft making it easy to offer a quick gameplay experience for ardent Halo fans.

343 industries, developers of Halo 5 Guardians announced the minimum and recommended specifications for the Halo 5 Forge tools to work. They confirmed that Windows 10 Anniversary Edition is mandatory for it work. Besides, people need a Geforce 650Ti for it run and a recommended graphics card is the high end GTX 970.

While the Xbox One is hardly as powerful as the suggested requirements, it is considered quite normal for PCs as they usually vary in configuration and a creator tool might require such power to run seamlessly.

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