HTC Confirms Release of Android Nougat for HTC 10, the One – A9, M9, M8 Towards 2016 End

Android Nougat for HTC 10,One A9, M9, M8

HTC has confirmed the release of Android Nougat for its phones, One A9, One M8, One M9 and the HTC 10 towards end of this year.

Latest Version of Android for HTC Devices

If you have a new Android device, you can be sure that it will be updated once every year, as the OS is an open source one. HTC has offered several premium quality Android phones over the past few years. Most of these devices run on the latest version of the software that is currently available, that is, Marshmallow or 6.0 version. Now that Android 7.0, Android Nougat, is out as an OTA update, HTC will quickly release it for its devices mentioned above.

Older HTC Devices

HTC generally has a policy regarding its older devices, which were released more than three years ago. The older devices generally don’t get the latest Android version. For instance, the One M7 did not receive the Marshmallow update. It stands to reason that the M8 will also not get the Android Nougat update this time around.

No Release Date

The news about the release of Android N for some HTC devices has been confirmed in Twitter and the news was probably sourced through Mo Versi, who is the Vice President of the Product Management at HTC. He is the one who usually has information regarding release dates of new Android versions. However, he has only mentioned that it will be released towards the end of this year, and has not mentioned any specific release date.

Android Nougat for HTC

Android Marshmallow Release

According to the Know Your Mobile site, the Marshmallow update was seen on HTC One M9 phones in December 2015. The M9 was the latest phone at the time. However, some users having it on Verizon only received the Marshmallow update in January 2016. Based on this, it seems that the new Android Nougat version will be available for the HTC devices only in the early part of 2017.

There is also a problem with some HTC devices that they have not got the Marshmallow version till now. All the flagship phones and other devices , such as the M9 and the 8 have received the Marshmallow version it time, but there are many others that are still waiting for the previous Marshmallow version.

Early Release Possible

However, it is possible that history may not repeat itself. There are some reports that the new Android N will be available for the current Nexus devices earlier than it will be available for the new and upcoming Nexus devices for this year. Trusted Reviews states that the Nexus devices, 5X and the 6P, will be receiving the Nougat first, even though these are devices that were released last year. So it is possible that the HTC devices might see an early December release of Android Nougat.

Release of Nougat

Google released the Nougat version just as it had promised on the 22nd of August, which means that all owners of modern smartphones are wondering when their devices will receive the update. HTC happens to be one of the best companies, as they always keep their consumers informed about new versions and updates.

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