HTC Desire 10 Lifestyle is an Affordable Phablet with Android Marshmallow on Board

HTC Desire 10 Lifestyle, Pro

HTC is not only working on the Google Nexus 2016 phones, but also on refreshing its Desire lineup. The rumored HTC Desire 10 Lifestyle seems to be growing into a real thing as more details of the phone have now emerged.

The Desire 10 Lifestyle is expected to unveiled alongside another HTC Desire 10 Pro handset this coming September. The two have already appeared online in recent leaks showcasing their supposed designs, thus giving off a few hints with respect to what we can expect when these two are launched. But before their launch, there is still plenty of time for more rumors, leaks, and speculations to flow in.

Thanks to a renowned tipster by the Twitter handle @LlabTooFeR, we now have some new information about the HTC Desire 10 Lifestyle, including the pricing details. Apparently, the stylish handset will join the entry-level market with a price tag of between $150 and $200 for the unlocked model. Given this price tag, do not expect a phone that packs flagship hardware.

In this regard, the leaked details claim that the HTC Desire 10 Lifestyle will come with a weaker Snapdragon 400 SoC, a processor that is now two years old. However, it is possible that Qualcomm could have reworked the said processor such that it offers slightly improved performance when compared to the initial version, something similar to what it did with last year’s Snapdragon 810 when it turned out that the initial version had some overheating issues. In addition to revealing the details of the processor, the tipster also adds that the Desire 10 Lifestyle will pack a 5.5-inch HD display with 720p resolution.

HTC Desire 10 Lifestyle, Pro

Even though the rest of the specs sheet has not been revealed, we expect to see things like 3GB RAM and 32GB of onboard storage as well as the usual BoomSound speakers. As for the software part, Android Marshmallow will power the handset out of the box, with an Android Nougat update expected later on.

This report is still a rumor and HTC has not come out to confirm that it is indeed working on a Desire 10 Lifestyle and Desire 10 Pro. However, given the credibility of the source and the track record, it is easy to say that these two will see the light sooner than later.

Would you mind getting yourself this HTC Desire 10 Lifestyle for $200 if released?

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