Huawei Smartphones to Come Preinstalled with Truecaller App


The past few years have seen Truecaller gain huge traction, especially with the ever-growing smartphone adoption across the globe.

For users of this app, it has grown to be a go-to app when one is looking to find out the identity of an unknown caller. In fact, it is one of the few apps that users install on a new phone once they get hold of one. Other than giving out the details of the person calling, Truecaller also lets users block and report any annoying numbers as spam callers. This feature has even further bolstered the stature of the app in the highly competitive market and to help grow its popularity even further, Huawei, the third leading seller of smartphones in the world, is partnering with the company to have the Truecaller app installed on all Huawei-made phones out of the box.

Huawei is only beaten by Samsung and Apple when it comes to smartphone sales. In addition to the fact that the company has now begun expanding its market to the U.S., Truecaller is set to benefit a lot from this deal. Even though the app is very popular in Asia and commands a total active user base of over 100 million per month, although the Play Store showcases over 250 million downloads, it is expected to expand to other regions once this deal is in place.


Apparently, a huge chunk of those using Truecaller actively are based in India, a region Huawei boasts a stable market. Now that every other Huawei-made smartphone will come preinstalled with the app, it will be easier for the company to add to its current user base of 100 million people. The regions being targeted include the likes of the U.S. and North America in general, Africa, Middle East, South East Asia as well as India. Surprisingly, China, the leading Huawei market, is not part of this deal with Truecaller.

Despite leaving out China, the Truecaller app will still be available on both Huawei and Honor models and it goes into action immediately. In short, the Huawei Honor 8 that is coming to the U.S. will lead the way. Huawei now joins the likes of Lenovo, Blu, and LG in striking similar deals with Truecaller.

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