Important Facts About Hospice Care Everyone Must Know

It wasn’t until my friend suffered from an incurable disease, I got to know about hospice. Prior to that, I had no idea what this care is and services included in it. When I saw my friend getting this care, I got to know about the abundance of benefits it offers. Thinking of this made me realize that there must be numerous other people like me for whom hospice is just an alien concept. This is why I have come up with this post. My main aim, with this post, is to spread awareness about hospice care and how it proves to be beneficial for a patient who suffers from a fatal disease and their family members. Continue reading!

  • First things first, hospice doesn’t cure disease. In some cases, it may help to improve the patient’s condition but do not go for this care if you are looking to get cured.
  • The main objective of hospice care is to improve the patient’s life quality. It does so by providing them relief from the pain, conducting therapy sessions for them, and fulfilling their spiritual, emotional needs.
  • There are different hospice care therapies. These include music therapy, massage therapy, and pet therapy. In massage therapy, different effective massage techniques are used to alleviate the pain and provide relief to the patient, On the other hand, pet therapy proves to be useful for people who love animals, spending time with a pet will help them to forget all their worries. Lastly, music therapy uses the power of music and helps the patient to feel better.
  • It is not necessary for a patient to get admitted to a hospice care facility/center. This type of care can be arranged anywhere the patient lives.
  • For a patient to get hospice care, they need to have a verified report from a doctor that they have six months to live. If they exceed this period, they can still continue to get this care.
  • In order to get hospice care, a patient needs to stop their regular treatment. If they feel hospice is not apt for them or there is an improvement in their health condition, they can resume their treatment. However, they can come back to this care any time they desire to. There are no restrictions at all.
  • When it comes to the hospice care plan, it is the patient who decides most of the things. For example, they are in charge of the matter where they want to get this care arranged for them.
  • Before hospice care begins, a comprehensive care plan is mapped out for the patient. This plan is formed keeping in consideration various factors. These factors include patient’s health condition, age, disease they suffer from and other vital aspects.
  • If the patient is getting hospice care at their home, there are regularly visited by medical staff, hospice experts, and volunteers. The medical staff keeps a check on their condition while hospice experts ensure their plan is properly executed. When it comes to volunteers, they provide company to the patient, help them with their routine chores and tasks, and make them feel better.
  • There are different services offered by hospice care facilities. Some of the most common ones are medical care, emergency care, nursing care, personal care, assistance for toileting and other work, etc. It is to be noted that these services as per the hospice care plan and center the patient or their family has selected.
  • A hospice care plan doesn’t take a long time to be formed. It can be prepared and implemented within a few days provided you have selected a reliable center such as Good Heat Hospice & Palliative Care.
  • Hospice isn’t that expensive. As a matter of fact, it will cost you less than routine care treatments. Furthermore, it is covered by many insurance policies.
  • This is for the people living in LA. There are numerous hospice care centers in LA but if you want to get the best services, contact Good Heart Hospice Care Center.

There you go! I have covered most of the important facts here. I hope readers will make use of this valuable information.

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