iPhone 6-like HTC One A9s Coming at the IFA 2016 Event in Berlin

HTC One A9s

HTC has plans to refresh the iPhone look-alike One A9 with a new HTC One A9s, a new report by Venture Beat’s Evan Blass, who is also known for its pinpoint leaks on smartphones.

Something seems awkward with this new HTC One A9s name? Well, a lot was said about the HTC One A9 when it was released late last year. Many comparisons were brought forward regarding this phone and the Apple iPhone 6. Flash forward – and Apple has an iPhone 6S handset that looks almost the same as the 2014 iPhone 6. Similarly, HTC has decided to upgrade the iPhone 6-like One A9 with a new One A9s. Get the point?

After so many arguments about who copied who as far as the HTC One A9 and iPhone 6 designs are concerned, the least HTC could have done was come in with a different naming style for its iPhone look-alike. But simply going for the same trick by adding an “s” to the previous model shows the company could be completely out of ideas.

Nonetheless, the name of the phone is not a big deal. Apparently, Blass says that the HTC One A9s will be unveiled a day before the upcoming IFA 2016 event, which kicks off on September 2. As far as the changes are concerned, there is no word on what will really happen under the hood, but as for the design, the leaked press renders show something very similar to the iPhone 6.

HTC One A9s

In the renders, the HTC One A9s has the rear camera on the top left corner, the same place it is positioned on the iPhone 6. As for the One A9, the rear snapper is found in the middle. The phone will come in a full metal design with black, gold, white and bluish-silver finishes. Apart from the repositioned camera lens, sensors and flash, the rest of the design is a lot like the original One A9.

HTC did away with the “HTC” logo on the front of the flagship 10. The same will happen for the upcoming HTC One A9s. As for the specs, there is nothing much to say, however, expect a 13MP rear snapper and a 5MP front snapper.

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