iPhone 8 Will for Sure Come with Radical Redesigns Everyone is Looking Forward to

iPhone 8

Apple’s 2016 iPhone has been met with lots of criticism owing to claims that the tech giant will not be making any radical changes to the design used on the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.

Although it has been noted that Cupertino will debut an iPhone 7 that has redesigned antenna lines, a missing 3.5mm headphone port, and a larger camera with probably a larger aperture and of course, a new processor and software; the same design language used on the 2015 models will be largely retained. Apparently, Apple is keeping all the sweet things for the 2017 iPhone 8, if indeed this will be its name.

The phone will reportedly come in with a radical rethinking in terms of design and even functionality, something that could deter some potential buyers of the 2016 iPhone in favor of waiting for the 2017 iPhone 8. In a report put forward by Bloomberg, Apple has plans to ship the 2017 iPhone without a mechanical home button as it looks to overhaul the display of the phone.

Even though not so much details have been brought forward by the Bloomberg report, it has been previously been rumored that the Apple iPhone 8 will come without a physical home button and instead, it will be integrated into the phone’s display, which will reportedly be an OLED panel. It seems Apple is looking to bring an almost similar technology to what it already does with MacBooks’ trackpads.

iPhone 8

As noted earlier, the Apple iPhone 8 is expected to come with an OLED edge-to-edge display, something that dovetails perfectly with the new report. With OLED panels, don’t be surprised if Apple came in with its own curved phone, something similar to what Samsung does with the Galaxy Edge handsets and the recent Galaxy Note 7. Furthermore, the edge-to-edge display could mean everything else finds a home in the display, including the front camera and the speaker, among others.

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