Lenovo Devices to Come Preloaded With Office, OneDrive, and Skype


Lenovo’s premium Android devices are now going to be equipped with productivity apps from Microsoft.

Office, OneDrive, and Skype are all going to be preinstalled on select Lenovo devices. Worldwide release is expected over the next few years.

Lenovo hasn’t announced exactly which devices will come with these apps embedded in their system but you should the deal is also going to cover Motorola smartphones since Lenovo owns the brand.

This agreement is a part of a push by Redmond to introduce software across various brands and get many users to start using Microsoft apps. This strategy also gets rid of the need for associates to pay large royalties to Microsoft.

Lenovo is just one hardware manufacturer who has partnered with Microsoft in the recent past. Some other big names include Acer, Asus, Dell, and Samsung. They have all received licenses to use these productivity tools on their platforms.

There are currently seventy-four OEM’s in twenty-five countries which have patent licensing deals with Microsoft.

Lenovo Devices

This is not the first time that bloatware is going to be packaged with Lenovo devices, though.

At the beginning of 2015, they were embroiled in the whole Superfish controversy, an advertisement software which didn’t just serve ads to users but also exposed devices to hackers.

The adware, called Superfish Visual Discovery, was an add-on which tampered with the security certificates of websites. By removing the safeguards, devices that had Superfish were unable to tell the difference between a legitimate website and a scam. This made it easier for hackers.

Superfish was used for millions of their laptops and the company eventually ended up relying on McAfee and Microsoft to find a fix for the vulnerability until they could remedy the situation themselves. Still, they were served with a class action lawsuit.

Lenovo has apologized for this though and promised to release new devices which do not come with this adware.

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