LG V20 Color Options Revealed Ahead of Launch

LG V20

LG is close to making the LG V20 official in the next few days, but several specifications of the phone has already come out in the form of leaks.

Now, it is revealed that the LG V20 will be available in three colors to only add to the excitement. Smartphone manufacturers nowadays have been offering only a couple of colors even on the high end products. Apart from being the first device to convert Android Nougat out-of-the-box, the LG V20 also seems to pack quite a big punch in terms of features. The phone will be building on the LG V10 platform which did not receive a lot of attention due to several reasons.

LG V20 Color Options

The LG V20 is a totally different story since it has been in the headlines for being the first device to sport Android Nougat straightaway. The phone is expected to come with a 5.7-inch screen with QHD resolution just like before. The screen will be supplemented by a secondary display just like in the case of the Samsung Galaxy Edge phones, but this display is located just above the screen. One of the reasons for the LG V10 being less popular than LG would have expected is the positioning of this display.

It becomes harder to reach the screen with one hand due to the large primary display. However, the secondary screen is expected to be used primarily for reading notifications since it is an always on display.

LG V20

Offering a 20-megapixel rear camera with laser autofocus and optical image stabilization, the LG V20 is said to provide the best in terms of imaging. The eight-megapixel front camera is reportedly set to come with a dual camera set up. The phone seems to be well covered in terms of imaging, but storage is another aspect. The LG V20 is set to provide 32 GB and 64 GB memory offerings in addition to the expandable memory card slot. Just like many other recently launched high-end devices, the LG V20 could support memory cards of up to 256 GB.

A highlight of the LG V20 could be its 4000 mAh battery if rumors of the same turn out to be true. This large battery coupled with fast charging would be the perfect recipe for using the LG V20 throughout the day. The phone is set to come in Sweet Silver, Urban Grey, and Romantic Pink color options.

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