LG V20 to Pack a Removable Battery, No Modular Design and More

LG V20

When Google made it public that the LG V20 will be the first handset to reach consumers with Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box, lots of details have been doing rounds with respect to the expected specs, features, design and even price of the phone.

Being a flagship, the LG V20 will be taking the place of last year’s debutant – LG V10 – and as a result, there are lots of expectations from the South Korean tech giant. There is no doubt that many enjoyed the LG V10, which means the company has the burden of making its successor even more enjoyable.

In a bid to do this, there have been rumors that the LG V20 will take a similar direction as the LG G5 and come in with a new design language – modular design. There was a lot of hype surrounding the release of the G5, which happened to be the first ever modular smartphone. However, the handset has seen low sales and lots of complaints from consumers thanks to the many issues that are mostly associated with the LG Friends. Apparently, this failure to attract a large market as expected by the company has reportedly played a huge role in the decision not to come in with a modular LG V20.

LG -V20

One thing that LG G5 won against the likes of HTC 10 and Samsung Galaxy S7 is that it came in with a removable battery. While this battery also opened more opportunities via the modular design, the upcoming LG V20 will still keep the same removable battery, but do away with the modular design. Apparently, only half of the rear cover will be able to come off the phone and reveal the battery, CNET Korea can confirm.

With the back cover off, owners of the LG V20 will not only be able to access the battery unit, but also the microSD and SIM card slots. Despite some slight similarities with the LG G5, the report stresses that the only major similarity is the removable battery part, otherwise, the rest is a different story.

LG is expected to announce the V20 in a few hours’ time, but the official sales should begin about two weeks from the time of unveiling.

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