Managing Battery Life Better – Tips for Using Android Nougat 7.0

Android Nougat 7.0 Tips

Android Nougat offers new features for better management of battery life of your phone and here are some tips for customizing the features.

Customizing Display

The first place where you start customizing your phone for managing the battery life is the Display. You can configure the brightness of the display. You can also access the brightness level from Notification shade on your phone. The option for Adaptive brightness will help enhance the battery life, as it adjusts the brightness of the screen according to the light that is available. The Sleep option can fix the time after which the screen is shut down after a period of inactivity, which can range from a mere fifteen seconds to thirty minutes. If the value is lower, the battery life will be better.

Wireless/Network Adjustments

You can better battery life for the phone by disabling features, such as Bluetooth, or Cellular or Wi Fi and so on. The best type of saving would be to use the Airplane mode, as it toggles all these three. It is also useful to disable Wi Fi or Cellular off and on, as these radios are regularly looking out for better connections and this results in reducing battery life.

Battery Settings


The battery settings are the main place to focus for controlling battery usage and for learning about the applications that use up the major portion of the battery. In this setting, you can also access the Battery saver and the optimization. The feature is connected with the Doze feature of Android.

Battery Life

Using Battery Saver

You can access the saver from the Battery Setting, and it offers about 5 to 15% of savings on the battery life, according to your selection. It reduces the performance of the phone and also the abilities of the application and the system, thereby improving battery life. You can turn it on manually and disable it ifyou want. Turning it on will limit vibrations and location services and also many other background data. Syncing of emails and messages will also not take place till you turn it off. The battery saver feature can be toggled from the Battery shade by opening the Notification shade and accessing battery icon.


Doze can be compared to the standby mode in a desktop. The service makes sure that minimum battery is used when the phone is not in use or not plugged in or when the display is not on. SMS messages and calls as well as alarms are always allowed, as these come under top priority notifications. The Doze feature automatically functions in the phone background and users don’t have to manually enable it. The feature was first released with Marshmallow, Android 6.0, and it has been enhanced in Nougat. The efficiency is increased and it also works when the user is moving around.

Opting out of Doze Selectively

Users are free to opt their favorite applications out of Doze, so that they can get notifications even when the phone is sleeping. However, this will affect the battery life of the device. Users can move to the Battery setting of the phone and select the Menu and Optimization. When you see all your apps, you can select the particular application and opt for not optimizing it.

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