Mercedes AMG Hypercar Is Under Development Inspired Their F1 Car

Mercedes AMG

Mercedes AMG is building a hypercar again and this time the team is going to put all the things they have learned from making the superfast F1 car.

The hyper car is being designed to commemorate the 50th anniversary of brand AMG. The company has been synonymous with the best cars that they have helped Mercedes Benz construct. Many automakers are trying to follow the same path so that they could form a tight partnership as these two brands have. The upcoming hyper car, supposed to be a speed beast on the road will be manufactured in limited numbers and is mainly geared towards the elite car enthusiasts.

Inside sources confirmed that the Mercedes AMG hypercar is in its final stages of production. It is rumored that the model will be powered by a 1.6-liter V6 engine turbocharged to offer maximum performance. The same powertrain is being used by the company’s F1 cars and it has been tweaked to a much higher level. When building the F1 model, the brand is supposed to comply with motor regulation rules but the one that is being sold to people doesn’t have such constraints. If it goes as planned, the hyper car will deliver more than 1,000 horsepower making it a real competitor to the likes of Koenigsegg.

Mercedes AMG Hypercar is Coming

Mercedes in association with AMG is going for a hybrid powertrain for their hypercar. It is a surprising revelation and instead of just one, the crew of engineers are going to use three electric motors to bring out true power from the V6 petrol engine. Mounting three motors on a single chassis is such a tough job and we can be sure the team came across multiple obstacles. In the end, they have mounted two in the front while one is used in the rear end of the vehicle.

When the car switches from gas power to electric motors, it will not slow down and offer an equally impressive horsepower.The team which worked on building the hyper car has spent so much time and energy to convert a F1 car into one that is useable on the road. While they have tweaked it to deliver insane power, some things have to be modified so that it works smooth with day to day tasks.

Aerodynamics should be balanced for the hypercar to be useable on roads. Mercedes AMG is expected to make an announcement before the end of this year.

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