Minecraft PS4 And Xbox One Edition Gets Tumble, A Fun-Filled Mini Game

Tumble Mini Game

Mojang, developers of Minecraft on PS4 and Xbox One consoles has released a new mini game Tumble.

The simple yet addictive mode is fun to play with your friends.

The game is extremely simple and you can learn its rules in a matter of seconds. The best elements from all past Minecraft games have been put together to create the Tumble. The minigame is extremely fast, polished to the core and puts your reflex skills to test. Console players on PS4 and Xbox One platforms can enjoy it without being restricted by any means.

While some modes and creations done on Minecraft require a more precise input like a keyboard and mouse, the new mini game doesn’t have such restrictions. When the game starts, all players in the map will be standing on a fragile surface made of dirt. Under the same, you will find burning lava that would kill a player instantly.

The mode encourages players to make good use of the terrain. Many of them can be used to trap other players or escape from their clutches. You have to keep running around to save yourself from certain death while others kill themselves. Newbies usually get killed quickly while experienced Minecraft players are the last one standing.

Minecraft PS4

The last player who is still alive will win the round in Tumble. Similar to many Mario games, the mini game in Minecraft is extremely chaotic, confusing, fun and sometimes increasingly frustrating. It’s all about how you see it. If you are going to play it with a couple of friends, the mode is an easy recommendation.

Mojang would have had a clear idea that Tumble is not going to enter the competitive scenario or become big in the world of Minecraft. It is made to give players a break from the huge world where they spend a lot of their time building monuments and running away from monsters. A similar mode is already available in multiple games including Counter Strike Global Offensive custom mods

Being able to play it with a bunch of friends on the Playstation 4 or Xbox One console is more fun especially when you have something different set in the world of Minecraft. The developers Mojang have worked hard to ensure every aspect of the map is well done and is laid out to offer something for every player on board. Just grab your controllers and get this free game right now.

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  1. Great, now can they stop being morons working on these rubbish mini games and update the friggen game so we can get the new items that the PC edition has?

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