Minecraft Windows 10 and Pocket Editions Receive Redstone Modifications


Mojang has a surprise for Minecraft Windows 10 and Pocket Editions gamers. The developer is pushing out an update that will make changes to the Redstone feature – the most complicated aspect of the sandbox game – for the mobile players.

Redstone is a special substance in the game’s world equivalent to electricity, it allows users to connect powered devices. There is also an update for Windows 10 Edition codenamed Redstone, so the difference should be well marked more so for non-Minecrafters. Some intelligent gamers on PC and Mac editions of realized a bug that allowed them to invent a different way of using the feature known as Redstone quasi-connectivity.

Normally, pistons get powered by the adjacent blocks but these gamers found out that pistons could also get rRedstonefrom a distance of two blocks when the blocks are positioned in a particular diagonal position. After the blocks have been powered, they only get updated when nearby blocks are affected by something. As a result, it is possible to remove the power after powering a piston without the piston sensing it. Normally at this state, the piston needs to be deactivated but that does not happen.

Crafty Minecrafters have exploited the flaw further to come up with a more elegant trigger mechanisms called Block Update Detectors. Under these mechanisms if anything happens to the a block adjacent to a piston-hit by an object or food spilling over the block-the piston will be ignited but will notice it’s not powered anymore, as a result it will pull back and initiate something else.


This is a flaw that Mojang ought to have patched but they have decided to keep it in place since it has proved to be very useful. Naturally, any developer who identifies a bug in a product will always crush it but Mojang is building on this specific bug instead. The company has decided to build a feature that resembles the Redstone quasi-connectivity for Minecraft Windows 10 and Pocket Editions while keeping it unfixed on PC and Mac renditions.

Players gaming on Windows 10 or Pocket Editions of the blocky world-building game will now use a new Observer Block that looks for changes in the environment, in case it is triggered, the feature will adjust between signal and unpowered state. According to the developer, the feature has been tested in several builds and will likely work perfectly on users’ builds.

In addition, Minecraft on mobile devices is getting some cool adjustments in more power for pistons which can now push chests and other loads.

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