Moto E Power Leaked in Hong Kong with 3500 MAh Battery

Motorola E Power

As Motorola gears up to launch the third generation of the Moto E, a new variant of the device has cropped up in Hong Kong.

The Moto E (3rd Gen) will serve as the entry level Motorola device and it follows two successful generations. Hence, expectations are high surrounding the phone, which is expected to receive a significant number of updates just like its bigger sibling the Moto G. For the latest Moto G4 variant, Motorola brought the device in line with many phones in the $300 price range. It is not surprising that the Moto G4 is one of the popular models right now.

The Moto E (3rd Gen) has been rumored to come with elements like a 5 inch display with 720p resolution. The use of IPS panels is expected to ensure good visibility even in the tough and demanding conditions. The phone, though, is rumored to come only with a 2800 mAh battery, which may not be sufficient enough to provide more than five hours of screen time considering the larger display size. A new version of the Moto E (3rd Gen) has cropped up in Hong Kong through leaked pictures, which show that the Moto E Power will have a 3500 mAh battery.

Moto E Power

Such an insanely large amount of battery size for a phone with a 5-inch display is likely to ensure at least two days of power with careful usage. Apart from the obvious addition in terms of battery size which is clearly visible from the device nomenclature, it also seems that the Moto E Power will be better than the standard version in terms of RAM and internal storage capacity. While the standard variant will have only 1 GB of RAM assisting the MediaTek quad core processor, the Moto E Power will have 2 GB of RAM and it could make all the difference in terms of multitasking.

Internal storage is improved from 8 GB, which looks extremely paltry in today’s standards, to 16 GB and this could seal the deal in favor of the Moto E Power. The storage can also be expanded using microSD cards. Due to the obvious improvements, it is expected that the Moto E Power will cost slightly more than the standard variant. At the current Hong Kong prices, the device will be available for the equivalent of $140. The standard variant could be priced around $110.

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