Moto Z Play Becomes Official with 3510 mAh Battery

Moto Z Play Battery

Till date, it has been thought that only the Moto Z and Moto Z Force would be available in the United States without any contract.

These two new recently launched phones are not expected to replace the Moto X brand. Instead, they will be sold alongside in premium markets like United States. Lenovo recently came out with yet another version of the Moto Z – Moto Z Play. Focusing more on style and the ability to accept even better Moto Mods, the phone is now said to be available from October in the unlocked format.

Moto Z Play
Buyers looking to get their hands on the first Moto Z Play in the United States can preorder the device from September 15. The unlocked version of the standard Moto Z will set you back by $700 and it will be sold directly by Motorola themselves. The Moto Z standard version is not going to work on Verizon and Sprint. One of the positive elements of the Moto Z Play is that it will be priced cheaper than the standard version. It was straightaway evident from the preorder price of $450 set by Motorola. Incidentally, the prices being charged to pay by the manufacturer is slightly over the price is set by Verizon or other networks.

Moto Z Play is the third member of the recently launched Moto Z line. Offering a 5.5 inch display with AMOLED technology, the display is one of the finest aspects of the phone even though it offers only 1080p resolution. The display is used to show the interface of a 16-megapixel rear camera or a five-megapixel front facing camera. This is not any other front camera since it is a wide-angle lens with a flash of its own. The phone features the snapdragon 625 processor coupled with 3 GB of RAM. These are decent specifications that should be good enough to handle the requirement of the device for the next android update at the very least.

Moto Z Play Battery

One of the highlights of the Moto Z Play is the 3510 mAh battery, which Lenovo claims is good enough to last around 50 hours even on normal usage. The model will be available worldwide on September 8. Even though it offers only android 6.0 out of the box, the stock version of android could soon receive the upgrade to the latest Android Nougat considering that the phone has enough power to handle the requirements.

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