Moto Z Play Spotted on GFXBench with Full HD Display

Moto Z Play Spotted on GFXBench

The Moto Z Play has now been spotted on the GFXBench and more specifications about the device have been leaked.

It was a major surprise that Motorola decided to offer the Moto Z Play just a few weeks after the Moto Z and Moto Z Force were launched. The former focused on style while the latter focused on performance. This seemed to leave little room for Motorola to provide a third variant, but they are preparing for the Moto Z Play’s arrival. The phone was spotted on TENAA recently with specifications about camera and battery revealed through screenshots.

The appearance on the GFXBench shows that the phone will have the same 5.5-inch display seen on the other models but with only full HD resolution. The 1080p resolution means that the phone may be able to get a lot out of the 3510 mAh battery. It seems that the Moto Z Play is intended to cater the adventurous segment, as the phone may have the ability to last even two days if the user is careful with his usage. Even though it is expected that the snapdragon 820 range processor will be used in the device, the benchmark tests did not reveal the number.

Moto Z Play

Instead, it came out with the details like the octa-core GPU with clock speeds of 2 GHz. This will be supported by 3 GB of RAM, while the internal storage is 32 GB as expected. One of the few hindrances for the Moto Z Play maybe multitasking. At present, phones that have 3 GB of RAM have only around 500 MB free for new apps to run in the background. The Moto Z Play may also suffer from a similar disappointment, but this would be good for battery life.

In terms of imaging, Motorola uses the tried and trusted 16-megapixel camera for the rear while the front has a five-megapixel shooter which was revealed several weeks ago by theTENAA certification. The measurements of device have also been unveiled to TENAA certification and it comes in at a thickness of just 6.99 mm with a weight of 165 g. Motorola will not be too concerned about these leaks and the rumors since the official launch date of the phone is only a few days away on September 6. There have also been several leaked pictures of the design, which shows the prominent camera hump in the rear.

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