New Kia Rio Is All Set For Paris Auto Show Reveal

Kia Rio For Paris Auto Show

Kia is ready to launch the all-new Rio at the Paris Auto Show. The company officially announced that they are going to bring the subcompact car to the expo.

Rio is a favourite compact car for buyers who live in cities with tight lanes and bustling crowd. The small but stylish model has received a new design. The team has given it a low stance with a longer wheelbase and made the headlights narrower to make it look sharper. Other massive changes to the exterior of the car includes a square front grille, huge wheels, raked roofline combined with all-new taillight design.

The changes are quite evident but they are subtle incorporated into the car so that buyers can still have the feel of driving the same Kia Rio around. However, if you are to take a peek inside, you will be surprised to see that the interior hardly looks similar to the outgoing model. A total revamp has been done on the inside. The dashboard is not multi-layer which is one of the many changes and it includes a stylishly large touchscreen display to control the infotainment system.

Kia Rio

While this is still the prototype for the model, we expect the final production version of the Kia Rio could be totally different. It is evident that the designers want to offer something new for their long running customers and to attract new buyers. But, the concept model takes a whole new direction. Kia may not deviate from the usual style from one of their best-selling models. We can confirm how the interiors look when the car is displayed at the Paris Auto Show floor.

“We are looking forward to offer class-leading quality for Rio buyers. The new model will offer the best of safety technology with amazing connectivity options and an engaging ride. Our engineers have also focused on providing new handling characteristic that makes it easy and fun to drive the all-new Rio,” said the company’s representative.

The new model is being built in a joint association between designers in Korea, Germany and California. They are sure to bring the best of ideas from their own countries and the technology to make it possible. Kia is highly confident of the Rio model as it has sold over half a million cars in 2015 and the trend is expected to continue with the 2017 edition as well. The Paris Auto Show is scheduled to take place on September 29th.

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