New Skoda Kodiaq Gets Up To 240 Horsepower With Twin Turbo Powertrain

New Skoda Kodiaq

The next generation Skoda Kodiaq is about to get more powerful with a twin turbo diesel engine and when it launches, it should be able to provide at least 240 horsepower or much higher.

In a recent update, the company confirmed that they are working on a diesel engine and research is one to bring the best efficiency out of it. The top of the line Skoda Kodiaq model will use a four-cylinder turbodiesel engine delivering up to 187 horsepower. It is mated to a DSG gearbox and supports an all-wheel drive system. This is just the beginning, as confirmed by the R&D head Christian Struber. The company is already working on a range topping variant which will be out after this one.

“The car I drove last week was simply awesome. If you ask our engineering team, they would always want to bring more performance to the Kodiaq models. That is what we work towards as a team. Right now, we are waiting for the business case to be sorted out before the model could be confirmed,” said Struber.

Skoda Kodiaq

The head of the division was keen to not reveal that they are working on a Skoda Kodiqa diesel engine version. The twin turbodiesel powertrain used in the Volkswagen Passat is proposed to be used in the new Kodiaq. The same engine produces up to 237 horsepower in the Volkswagen car and it should be able to deliver much higher performance when tweaked to be used in the Kodiaq. Skoda is confident that they can come up with much better horsepower once their R&D division makes the necessary changes.

The automobile manufacturer is planning to introduce new trim line variants including the Scout and the Sportline. They added that the same has been offered in other models but is yet to find its way to the Kodiaq cars. “We witnessed great success when the trimlines were introduced for other models. A similar response is what we expect when it is rolled out for the Skoda Kodiaq. Including it with the car is the obvious next step for our product lineup,” said Bernhard Maier, CEO of Skoda.

When launched, the model is expected to support an all-wheel drive and the powerful engine will be able to split the efficiency to all four wheels to reduce drag. The pricing of the model is expected to be close to £40,000 in the UK region.

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