Next Gen Kia Rio Set For 2016 Paris Auto Show Reveal

Kia Rio 2016

With just days to go for the big Paris Auto Show this year, the next generation Kia Rio has been revealed by the company.

Official pictures of the car show its design aesthetics and it is expected to be priced close to £11,000.

Kia’s Rio is one of the most successful cars for the brand and has witnessed great sales in different parts of the world. Taking these factors into account, the designers have ensured that they kept the originality of the Rio intact. The design is very close to the outgoing model and doesn’t boast of any outrageous changes. Instead, some minor modifications have been done to make the car look sportier while offering better comfort to the passengers.

The tiger nose grille which is found in majority of Kia cars has been used in the new Rio as well. However, the team has made is thinner and shorter so that it syncs with the overall appearance of the car. The headlights are reshaped with an additional U-shaped LED light. The rear end of the new Kia Rio remains largely unchanged.

Next Gen Kia Rio 2016

You can easily spot the new LED rear light which resembles an arrow and gives a sharp look to the car. Shorter rear overhangs, upright windscreen and a tweaked version of the same chassis has given the Rio a larger appearance. The overall length of the supermini has been increased to 4,065mm and the wheelbase is bigger by 10mm. The changes have allowed the car to accommodate passengers comfortably. It’s ride height has been decreased but the body is now wider for spacious cargo area.

The Kia Rio is based on a brand new platform which uses the architecture that is already being used in Hyundai i20 and the Nissan Juke. A SUV version of the Rio is expected to be announced but it won’t be out until mid-2017. The interior of the car is compact, stylish and has a dash design. A floating touchscreen infotainment system is easily accessible for the passenger and the driver. Apart from the touchscreen controls, the car has some physical buttons to make use of.

Kia has confirmed that the floating infotainment will be available only in the higher end models whereas base models will have a smaller screen. The next gen Kia Rio is powered by a 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine capable of producing 120 horsepower with reliable fuel efficiency. We will know more about the car at the 2016 Paris motor show.

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