Next Gen Land Rover Discovery US Release Dates Pegged Around Mid-2017

Land Rover Discovery

The next generation Land Rover Discovery is coming to the U.S. While there is no confirmed release date yet, it should be somewhere around the middle of next year.

The style and presentation of the new Discovery is borrowed from its smaller version, the Discovery Sport. The front fascia of the car features a huge grille and the entire front end is more rounded in shape giving it a less-boxy look. The earlier version of the Land Rover Discovery used to look aggressive but the rounded edges had given it a new softer perspective.

During the Discovery Vision Concept expo held in 2014, the automobile manufacturer gave us a glimpse of how the new model could look like. The production version of the car has a lot of similarities and it doesn’t completely go away from the concept model. A prototype version of the car was spotted in the Las Vegas roads which had a really small rear spoiler and the rear end was boxy in appearance.

Engineers at Land Rover are yet to arrive at the confirmed design and features to be added in the 2017 Discovery edition. Once they confirm it, we can expect the car to be launched at one of the upcoming auto expos. By that time, they will confirm the technical specification, availability and pricing. In terms of pricing, it should fill the gap between the lower end Defender SUV and the premium quality Range Rover.

Land Rover Discovery rear

Based on rumors, it is confirmed that the SUV will be powered by an inline four and an inline six twin turbo engine. According to Land Rover, the next generation Discoveryredefinesthe large SUV category and is about to create huge ripple in the U.S. automobile market. “We have worked as a team to create a premium SUV which is exceptionally capable on the road with a highly desirable look and extremely versatile for multiple purposes,” said design chief Gerry McGovern.

Some of the features revealed with the concept model is expected to be carried out in the production version of the Discovery. The model will allow driver to easily adjust the suspension, transmission automatically and a transparent hood system is to be implemented. The design makes it easier to see what’s ahead of the road. It is made possible by installing a camera in the front and everything that is below eye view is displayed in the heads up display.

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