Next Generation Google Phones – Pixel, Pixel XL – RIP to Nexus Line

Pixel, Pixel XL

According to Android Police, the new replacement phones for the Nexusline are the Pixel and the Pixel XL.

A few days back, Android Central had claimed that Google is planning to kill the Nexus brand of devices in its upcoming phones.

New Brand Line

The line will be replaced by another brand name. Now, according to Android Police, the two new phones that are built by HTC will be called Pixel and the Pixel XL. This is a brand that Google has already used previously for Chromebooks and for the Android tab. The HTC brand name will not be seen on the two devices. Google first entered the market of smartphones in the year 2010, with the Nexus One manufactured by HTC. After this, there were many other tablets, phones and media players released in this Nexus line.

Two New Google Phones

There are plenty of rumors circulating about the two new phones that are to be introduced by Google for 2016. Earlier, it was reported that the smaller of the two phones was named Sailfish and comes in a size of 5 inches. The larger model goes by the name of Marlin and is a 5.5 inches model. According to Android Police, a quad core processor would power the two devices and this would be combined with a RAM of 4 GB. The phones would have a rear camera of 12 MP and the only difference between the two devices is the larger screen of Marlin as well as its bigger battery capacity.


Putting the Google Stamp

It is not certain whether the two devices will come with the same codenames, Marling and Sailfish, or whether it will come under the Pixel branding. However, both the phones stand for Google’s attempt at putting a stamp on the flagship hardware of the company. According to SundarPichai, the CEO of Google, some more features will be added to Android in the new Nexus devices. He made the statement at the Recode’s Code conference held some months back this year. According to him, the approach to the design of the new Google phones would be opinionated, as there is access to plenty of software innovation.

Additional Software

The rumors are that there will be some more software added to vanilla Android. Google has formed a division for overseeing the production of devices with the name Pixel, which is the same as the once used for its tablet and laptop hybrid. Nougat is the latest Android version released by Google and most of the world’s phones run on Android software. Nougat brings in several interesting features for Android phones and devices.

Dropping the Name

Google will probably drop the Nexus name from the Android devices that it produces. Google has control over the design as well as the marketing of the Nexus phones, whereas the manufacturing is left to some third parties, namely LG or Samsung and Huaweil. Android Central reports that the Nexus name is altogether being dropped and Google will brand the new phones with its own logo. The two new Google devices, Marlin and Sailfish, will be the first ones that don’t have the Nexus name tag.

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