Next Generation Nexus Coming with Additional Nougat Features – 7.0 Has Awesome Features, But Users May Have to Be Patient

Android Nougat

The new Nexus phones will be launched with Android 7.1 version, with the latest 7.0 Nougat version just being released for Nexus devices of 2016.

The HTC Nexus models will be running on the Nougat upgrade, 7.2, which will come with additional exciting features.

Reddit Post

A post in Reditt has shown that the company has started testing the upgrade Android 7.1. David Ruddock of Android Police has tweeted that the new Nexus devices will come with the 7.1 version. The 7.1 version has been confirmed as the MR1 release of Nougat.

Nathan Benis further confirmed the newssaying that the leak was based on the NMR1 or Nougat Maintenance Release, 1. Google had announced that they will be offering a quarterly maintenance release. Nathan Benis stated that this announcement led him to conclude that the new Nexus devices would be launched along with the MR1, at about a time similar to the launch last year. The current Android N version, 7.0, is to be offered for the Nexus phones and devices and it is based on the Developer Preview 5. According to Nathan Benis, the current version does not contain proprietary features leaked by him and by Android Police, so we can expect the developer preview of the MR1 very soon, coming along with these changes.


New Nexus Phones

The new Nexus devices are expected to come in the late part of September. It was previously leaked that Marlin and Sailfish would come with new launchers. There were also rumors that there would be a new way of activating the Google Assistant with a changed home button. Google has not yet confirmed any of these rumors. However, since the new phones are expected in late September, there will be some kind of announcement soon.

Android N Update

Those owning Android devices can be assured that they will get the new Android N, 7.0 update at some point or the other. However, the more important question is when they will get it. Nexus phones and devices will naturally be the first once to get the new update. Those who own a Nexus 6P, 5X, and Nexus 6 can start looking out for updates and it is probably already on your phone and waiting for approval. The Nexus phones run on stock Android OS and will get the update from Google. The manufacturers will roll out android updates to other phones. These manufacturers have to first ensure that the new OS runs perfectly without a flaw on their customized features, as they are not stock Android, and this could take some time.

Other Manufacturers

For instance, Blackberry is totally Android and will roll out the Nougat update by December 2016. The HTC 10, the HTC One A9 and the One M9 have been confirmed for Nougat by November end 2016. LG has publicly announced the launch of the LG V20, which comes with Android 7.0 out of the box on the 6th of Sept. The new software looks awesome and comes with interesting new features, but some of the users will have to wait patiently.

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